Proper Way to Repair Divots

Repairing divots is as basic a part of golf as creating divots. Be kind to the course – and fellow golfers – with these tips from the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (for an illustrated guide to repairing divots, see our How to Repair Divots tutorial).

Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 15-30 seconds
Here’s How:

1. The proper way to repair a divot can differ depending on your location and the types of turf used. If you’re not sure what’s proper, ask before your round.
2. Many courses simply ask you to replace your divot. Pick up the divot and put it back in place in the same direction it came out. Tamp down firmly so the ground is level.
3. Courses with actively growing bermudagrass may prefer to have divots filled with sand rather than replaced. Fill with sand (usually provided on the cart) and tamp down firmly.
4. Our course provide a mixture of sand and seed for use in repairing divots. Fill and tamp down firmly.

Replacing or repairing divots is designed to get the turf growing again as quickly as possible.
Failure to replace or repair a divot can add weeks to to the time it takes turf to heal itself.

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